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I am over the moon excited to welcome you to this brand new online home! The creation of this brand has been something that has been in the back of my mind since 2016. It was then that I bought and secured the domain “” with a “maybe one day I’ll use that” mindset.  Over the years I have dreamed of having a place to share more freely about our life, what I’m learning, our adventures, and so much more.

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hey there, i'm ashley

I am a lover of people and deep thoughts. I could write all day about what I’m learning and experiencing in life and what all of that is teaching me - only to scrap it all because my enneagram fourness will probably tell me it’s not “unconventional” enough. I find the greatest joy in traditions and fellowship but I’m a recovering pessimist who really has to work hard to conquer negative thought patterns. I’m mostly just like you. My biggest hope is that you will see me in all my humanity. In the good, the hard, the silly antics, and probably in the oversharing side too. Welcome to my journey!

Wife, Momma and Business Owner.

the summer bucket list

Do you love planning fun adventures and experiences but feel stumped on what exactly you should do? Do you want to make seasonal memories that could turn into seasonal traditions? Grab my bucket list to make intentional memorable moments this summer!

I’ve always been a jewelry girl but not an “expensive jewelry” girl. I love accessories and have always enjoyed sprucing up an outfit with fun bling. When I was pregnant with Sienna, one of my best friends sent me a gift card to a boutique downtown for my birthday. I knew I didn’t want to buy clothes because my body was changing so much and would continue to change so much postpartum. So I bought some earrings that I thought were cute. That is until I got home to try them on and realized they didn’t look right with my hair color. 

Inspired. Intentional. Inclusive 

That’s when it hit me - what if I made earrings and sold them around the idea of hair color?

And that’s how Shop Your Statement was born!

This labor of love has become my passion project. It is a way for me to “do something different” with my hands and focus on simply being creative. We launch in collections, so if you don’t see something available currently, check for our next launch date listed on our website!