I find great joy in learning about the intricacies of people and why they are

the way they are.

(Which basically means I nerd out over personality tests and I’m forever the biggest supporter and encourager of investing in counseling!)

meet ashley herrinton

I began my journey to “freedom” in 2018 when I sent my second “I’d love to re-start counseling” email. I am a big proponent of self development. I think we should never stop growing and learning about ourselves. In 2018, I felt bound up in so many ways but couldn’t quite nail down what the “it” was that was holding me hostage. The past five years have been a journey into the deepest depths of my soul and back chasing the freedom that I so desperately craved.

but I’m learning along the journey what it means to fully enter into vulnerability and allowing transparency to be a window that I keep open quite often. I am 100% the “you get what you see” kind of girl. I love to laugh hard and love even harder. I am an empath and emotional wanderer. I can laugh and cry within minutes of each other and mean and feel both deeply.

i have not arrived

i'm ashley herrinton

a woman on a mission to live in freedom every day





the blog

You’ll find me sharing my journey here.

The things I’m learning, tools that have helped me, and everyday life things that have inspired me to be more authentically myself

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did I mention...

My husband and I are filmmakers. We are in the commerical filmmaking biz helping creatives and small business owners elevate their brands through video. Which mostly looks like video specific content creation through YouTube videos, online course creation, promotional films and podcasts. This business is how we got started as entrepreneurs and it is still our greatest dream come true!

- the herrintons -